Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Usagi Shouten

This will be a treat to all you bunny/usagi lovers out there. ^^ I discovered a lil place called Usagi Shouten, which has numerous bunny items for free.

We start off with a freeb bunny cap (it looks like), freeb bunny PJs (which are adorable!), and I don't know really what the thing on the end is. XDDDD

Then we move on to an adorable freeb cuddle bunny umbrella, freeb bunny earrings, and looks to be a mysterious freeb bunny av!

Finally we have a freeb kinda cyber bunny helmet, freeb laser hand thing, and just freeb bunny friend. Pretty darn nice!
Hope all you bunny and animal lovers out there enjoy this. Hopefully trying to make one post a day lately, dunno how well it'll keep up though.