Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Relay for Life Avies from Lost Furest!

Check out the Relay for Life Avies from Lost Furest!! (SLurl) All monies go to the charity (Web & Web). I'll try to update this post with pix of me in my avie, but I haven't taken one yet. If you see me, ask me to change. Or look for Lucky Kitties Shilo Darkfold and Frurry Fluno. The latter has all of them and Shilo hasn't taken hers off since getting it.

Update: Here's my avie and I bought an outfit while there. Minimum price for an avie is L$1000 and for that you get both genders, two styles of collars, two hair styles, two tail types, and two styles of belts. Also included but not shown are prim wings (based on the free ones you can get at Help Island). The outfit is from Bare Rose and is a minimum of L$100 for pants with special "furry" legs, a vest, and two shirts. I say minimum for prices because if you pay less you don't get the item and your money is considered a donation. If you pay more then you are just extra generous.

Oh ... more ... they have several of the winged kitty avies (mine is called Charity), an anthro-wolf avie, and more. Check it out!!!