Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bewk Blogs XStreet

One of the places that is often over looked for freebies is XStreetSL. Serenity, logically does not post group notices for those items, and not many of the freebie blogs cover them entirely. So, I thought I'd have a go at blogging some things I found.

$0 - Amarylis Halter Top - This cute halter top is good quality. Nice pattern, good seams. Comes on two layers. If you like it, additional colors are a mere $25.

$0 - Victoria Jeans - Pair the halter with these freebie jeans, and make what I think is a pretty nice outfit. They also come in 15 other colors (not shown), and you dont even have to pay one penny for them!

$1 - Classic Black Heels - I spent about an hour searching for a pair of matching shoes for this outfit. This is the best I could come up with folks. They're black. They're heels. A staple in any wardrobe.

$1 - Pffiou! Standoffish Poses Set - I used "Deliciously Snooty" and "Part Deux" for this post. The pack contains 4 other poses, which is a steal for $1.

Ninja Cookie Posing @ The LKC HQ

$0 - Censored Cover Up - With all the drama going in world about "Adult Content", you might want to pick this up. Just slip it on if you see any Lindens around and you're sure to be covered. :P

$0 - Noir Lolita Shutter Shades - I still dont understand these. I guess they're more of a fashion thing than a functionally thing. Anyways, they're unisex and they look pretty fierce. This set also comes with a white pair of the glasses (not shown).

$0 - MiaSnow Wild Woman - Hair from the lucky chair.

$0 - Imagen - Irene/Este/Humo - Skin from the lucky chair.

So there was no way I was allowed to make a post without Damien. He's my smexy male alt. *OW!* Oh alright. And he wants me to tell you that he's available for the ladies for date night. *rolls her eyes*

On Damien

$0 - Victoria Jeans - Yep. Girl jeans. I slapped them on him, adjusted the crotch and bagginess. Et voila! Freebie jeans for the dude.

$1 - Bender T-Shirt - I'm trying guys! I'm trying! Grab this funny shirt to complete your ensemble.

More guy stuff soon I promise.

On Bewkie

$1 - Laynie Wear "Not Your Mothers Stripes" - This is an oldie and not the BEST shirt ever. But truthfully, it goes with the shoes which are fabulous. This set also comes with a pair of long stripey socks (not shown).

$0 - Victoria Jeans - Just showing how versatile these can be. I tinted these for a darker black jean color.

$1 - Lilith Lime - A nice pair of pumps with a ribbon bow on the front. This is a quality pair of shoes. While this yellowy color might not be your color of choice, they're only $1 and might be worth looking into the other colors for the full price.

$0 - Eden Earring "Yellow" - A cute pair of earrings to round off your yellow outfit. These are just a perfect size for my ears and they have a slight glow to them (if you have your graphics set to at least medium). And best of all, NO BLING!

$1 - CnS In Good Hands - Pretty cute pose.

*WHEW!* This blog entry took me nearly 4 hours to type up. (And as of yet I still haven't editted the photos to go along with it.) Hopefully, you all enjoyed it. Let me know what you think, and if you think I should write some more. Let me know by commenting, or by shouting at me me in world.

Until next time, keep your crotch tents in check!



Uccie Poultry said...

Thanks, Bewkie! This rocks! Sometimes when it is slow watching the lesbians at Lesbos I surf for freebs. Here's one I've been recoomending.