Thursday, October 15, 2009

Gridwide Hunt Insight

Hunt Reminder -

I would just like to remind people that this month may be difficult on those who enjoy participating in hunts. That goes for the creators, organizers, and hunters all alike. Please realize that for us out there who enjoy participating we have a lot on our plate. There are approximately 28 gridwides during this month; and at least 6 or so simwide hunts upcoming as well. Now please take into consideration these are only the hunts I know of, there may be more.

I think this glut of hunts is taking a toll on people all around the grid in various ways. Now I do not think hunts are 'bringing down the grid' but I do think it is making a lot of stress for various people. Stress on all ends, not just one, but it's connected in a giant web.

So I really would advise people these couple things:

1. Hunters try not to stress and do them all, I find I like to hunt so my best means of approaching the hunts now is picking and choosing the stores I know or look interesting to me via the Search under Places.

2. Creators may want to step back and take a break for a bit, maybe organize something for your own store? You'd be surprised how welcomed instore hunts are now due to this overkill of gridwides. And try to make sure what you're offering for this hunt is something that reflects your store well.

3. Organizers please stop and take a look around at what you're doing. Make sure your organized or prepared to face certain problems that are well known, see what other hunts are going on and maybe offer assistance instead of starting your own?

Now I'm trying not to be offensive with this post but I think something should be said about what is going on. Polite and Mature discussion or comments are welcomed in the comments page and I hope this helped some people or even gave them a new perspective on how to handle things. Thanks for supporting us.


Unknown said...

Well Said and I am glad someone had the nerve to say it

xXBryonyXx said...

I'm not a keen hunter and I just pick the odd stores in a hunt that appeal to me. It does seem ridiculous to have this many gridwides running at once.
I second what Serenity says...give us more store or sim hunts, please!

Bryony C Xx