Monday, April 12, 2010

Second Norway Freebies

Nearly every day when I log in I get the IM ding and know my brother has been bored. In today's messages were SLurls for several places in Second Norway to explore and grab freebies. The first was for a sort of Welcome Area to a (somewhat) interactive look at Norwegian culture and history (SLurl). You'll find some free period costumes for men and women (but no place to unpack them) and accessories. The tour is a hoot, too, reminding me of school field trips when I was a kid. Maybe not the best primcraft in SL, but ambitious, clever, and with lots of heart. Make sure you have Google Translate at hand and head on in.

Afterward, check out the two shops Annabella Biedermann operates, Bunader og Folkedraekter fra Annabella. One has a 15-minute Miracle Chair at (SLurl) and another with a freebie sweater (SLurl). Each shop features contemporary and period fashions from Norway. The pic here is me wearing the sweater and a pair of included capri pants. A pair of jeans is also included plus an LM to another shop (SLurl) with more Norwegian-themed freebies and clothes/accessories. When I need a unique dress, I'll be coming to these shops.