Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's your Impact?

How does your avie affect a region's performance? You can get an idea from the Advanced > Rendering > Info Displays > Avatar Rendering Cost menu, or you can use a Script Impact gadget, free just outside The Wonderful World of Meeroos area on Twas (a seriously cool place to visit if you drop down to ground level). This item displays, in one spot, info for any avatar near it. Well, I imagine that there's some draw on system resources just to use the gadget, but if you like toys and are responsible for sim maintenance, it might be worth a look. Despite having gotten one a few days ago and having written a lot of words here about it, I haven't tried it yet. Go figure. Click the pic for a larger version if you are still reading.


furroy said...

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Unknown said...

Avatar Render Cost (ARC) has nearly 0 Effect on the simulators with the latest updates to SL ARC now only effects your computer. Low end computers like say a 500$ Dell from BestBye with a low end graphics card, can not handle the high rez textures that are used to make avatars these days.

The problem is script count *mostly*, 1 script with 1 line of code can crush a simulator and slow it to a halt. Luckily most Scripts users have on them do not have this one line of code in it. Its the collective that causes the simulator to crush. My basic Avatar as a furry never gets over 50 scripts, that's counting scripted eyes, ears, and tail + my AO hud, My gun for SL combat, the hud for the gun, my Sim detection script that tells me when someone enters the sim, My hand grenades and my lsl client bridge that comes with Phoenix. There is never a need to be over 100 scrips witch is a lot of stuff on your AV. The main problem is loads of re size scripts in hair and prim clothing. There is a lot more to it then what I have states already but if I posted all the info on it then this comment would be way to long to read lol, just wanted to point out that ARC has almost nothing to do with the simulator lag you feel it only effects user side, the client on your computer because your computer cant handle the load, its all the scripts that cause simulator lag