Saturday, October 1, 2011

Burn2 Goodies! (Updated)

Burn2, the virtual extension of Burning Man into Second Life, opens October 1st at Noon (SLT) and there are tons of freebies to compliment the fantastic art and fun activities. I've spent the last few weeks finding them, but there may be some I've missed. Most freebies can be found at the Schwag Building at

Some of these goodies are duplicated at various parcels, but not all. Here's a (reasonably) comprehensive list in no particular order. You may need to look about each parcel as things move:

First Responder Manual

Whole avies and official clothes

Antientropic (this is a rather fun sculpture)

Mesh Textures/Templates

Skelly Suit (Think Mexico's Day of the Dead)

Lamp Lighter Freebies

Monkey Avie

Fun & Strange

Mystical Tree

The Line (various places at …)

Rites of Passage Museum

Transitory Thresholds

SpiritWeaver Musical Pavillion (the cloud on the floor and the ring on the wall)

Inner Child Camp 2011 (an incredibly fun build)

Grail Quest costume