Friday, April 17, 2009

Madcow's Goblins

After reading on Headburro Antfarm's blog (Web) that the artist and builder Madcow Cosmos created a Robot Avie Maker I decided I had not been to his store (Slurl) in a very long time and trekked over to check it out. Lo and behold, I got distracted by his Goblin Avie Maker. Like other machines in SL that change you to an avie you begin a process that eventually gives you a folder with an avie to replace the one you are wearing. What makes this unique, however, is you choose body parts before you are given the folder then you can customize after wearing the new avie. This pic shows me in mid-process, choosing my eyes before finalizing. I still haven't found the robot maker, but I'll look again after I get back from Toys for RFL (SLurl).

UPDATE! Lucky Kitty Hikari Shirabyoshi found the Robot Maker (SLurl).