Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Lowdown on SLURLs

I'm so happy that I figured this out early on. Let me impart my knowledge on you.

SLURLs are comprised of a region name and an XYZ coordinate.

If you've ever built anything, you'll know what I mean by XYZ coordinate, but basically think of that as the "Address" for the place you are headed.

Oldbie Tricks:

  1. Hit the Map button and hit "Copy SLURL to Clipboard." Then you are free to paste the SLURL into a chat window, an email, the LKC Blog, wherever!
  2. A SLURL in your chat history is clickable.
  3. You can type your own SLURL. For Example: Serenity posted the Lucky Kitty Crew Headquarters address as follows: Bruissac (103,43,37). This means that it is in the Bruissac region, and it's coordinates are 103/43/37. To create a SLURL for use in the Second Life viewer ONLY, you can abbreviate secondlife://Bruissac/103/43/37. If you want it to appear as a clickable link in a web window (Firefox), you have to type the full address, Make sense?
  4. Sometimes you teleport in and you're not where the SLURL said you were going to go. That's because this region has a "Telehub." For some odd reason, the owners of the region decided to confuse everyone by making us all teleport in to 1 location on their sim, instead of teleporting directly to the freebie! So, in the chat history, click on the SLURL to pop up the Landmark window. Hit "Show on Map" to see your red beacon. Then from the map hit teleport. You should now see a Red Beacon that you can fly to to retrieve your hard-fought prize!
  5. What if you can't fly? I HATE no-fly zones. I can see why some places have no-fly zones, but frankly I think it's stupid. Good thing you can override it and fly anyway! hehehe. Hit Command + Option + V.
I will expand on this if I have missed anything. Happy hunting!



Uccie Poultry said...

Great info, Kira!

When I have a landmark or use an SLurl™ I used the "Show on Map" button before teleporting. That way I always seen the red direction arrow upon landing.

Serenity Semple said...

Thanks for posting this Kira. ^^ I seem to try to be explaining this multiple times asking people to have LM show on map, etc.

Yet I know sometimes SL glitchs and even though I use similiar functions it glitchs up. :s So I can see why some can get confused.