Monday, May 5, 2008

Cute stuff and cute look

Well, Idid really hard work in PS this time (even that I don'nt have to do that, but it cool and fun , and i love to change the makeups on newbie skins , lol you will see what i mean)

That dress and skin from "Aoharo"-

They have there lucky chair (you have to camp for 100 Minutes to get the skin) and they are changing their skins pretty often , so if u got two or three of them, wait for more^^ , I used some old skin that I had in my inventory (and of course it didnt look like that ^_^ I changed the makeup and gave her more light lol )

(It wont tp you you to the right place, so just follow the red arrow)

(and the same thing here, just follow the red arrow :))

I just want to show you the different between the photo i worked on it in ps and the photo that was taken in sl :P
I would love to hear some comments :P
Thank you for reading it, Loving Angella Blinker :)
first of all the hair from ETD , here's the Slurl- follow the red arrow)
and if u want to see the photos bigger just click on it :PAND! DON'T FORGET TO JOIN THEIR GROUP! because the dress that i showed u (and the pants that u can find there) ,
I got the same things as gifts, but with different colors, so if you want double presents JOIN!! :DAnd please leave me some coments :D
Love ya All Angella Blinker :)