Monday, March 9, 2009

Treasure Fishing?

So once again I'm gonna pop in something fish related. XD Haha. I love da feesh!

So I'm checkin out places and readin up and find out (a lil late but none the less) about this treasure fishing game.

Lemme give you the low down. Pretty much get this free fishing rod and be at one of the participating locations (I'll be linking the dEVOL location at the bottom of this post).

(Hina and I fishing here. ^^)

Pretty much attach and click something (like the ground that you're near) to begin. Then you'll be waiting for messages. Sometimes you won't get a bite and will need to cast again. But if you do get a bite follow the messages it gives : Such as CLICK! or DON'T CLICK!

If you click it enough to reel in the prize then distance will drop and if you get it to 0 you will get a prize. It's random what you reel in and remember if it says DON'T CLICK - don't do it cause it will cause the distance to increase and you may lose your fish. Mind you this is only available until the 10th of this month.

So goodluck all! ^^