Monday, August 31, 2009

Poop Hunt?? Eww!

Yeah that's what I thought.. what a weekend for gross hunts but the Poop hunt on the Festivale sim is oh so worth getting your hands a little dirty over! Some great designers like Gritty Kitty, PIG, and Little Bird just to name a few, and most designers have out a number of lovely poo's out for you. (eww) This one is fairly easy with the poo's and TP pretty easy to find, but you have until Friday Sept. 4th to get those poos so make sure you get them all ( you won't be sorry ^^) Also just outside of Little Bird is a info giver that has a list of all of the poos and locations of each so that you can make sure you got all the ones you want. ^^ (More hunt giftie pics available here.)