Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mauloa - Freeb of the Year?!

I think this has to go under Freeb of the Year because it's so amazing! Now here's what is - a phone!

Now before ya throw rocks at me and say 'wtf typing over rider phone thing or something? LAME' no no no no. This phone has multiple features and is completely free. It also is available in English, Japanese, and Korean. You can find all the features info here!

But I will give you a lowdown of what the HUD provides which is almost completely customizeable to your own needs.

IMing = Will put you in a chatting like pose because it pretty much means your in IMS. (Thanks Hina for Modelling because my paw goes through my head)

AFK = Same thing as IM but different message above your head and a particle will appear here and there.

Blog = You can check certain blogs and customize from the Feed List for what you want to check.

New/Weather = You can check local weather or news, you can also customize it to check your local weather and the like.

Manual = Will bring you to the site listed above.

Fitting Room = Will set up an auto fitting room via Fly or Teleport setup thingy.

Tool Box = Will Allow you to use the following Functions - Face/Pose, Calc, Detector, Tranceiver

*Face/Pose, on the HUD it will allow you to change your face pose from a variety of choices.

*Calc, Calculator, will allow you do to simple math functions fast.

*Detector, item scanner or person scanner.

*Transciever, you can talk on specific private channels.

Music/Video = You can listen to certain songs and display certain videos as well.

Settings = Allows for Customization of the Options

Translator = Build in Translator, can have specifications as well.

Whisper = Allows Green whisper thingy majig.

Soooo for free? Epic Win, say I.

Click HERE to Teleport to Mauloa Town!