Friday, November 6, 2009

KUE! Lucky Boards & Goodies

If you haven't been to KUE! you dunno the cuteness you're missin out on. Recently they updated their 3 lucky boards. My fave petite choux cookie seat is up top. ^^

Also the other 2 prizes which are a Pink Tote and Cute Acorn Care Set.

If you're a gacha-fiend like many of us are you may already know about their gachapon for a variety of cute items.

But remember their halloween gachapon are going away very soon.

And they added a new squirrel gachapon today. ^^

Plus you don't want to forget the daily freeb gachapon near the others for a ton of a cute items.

Of course the bargain corner, which I think is great if you missed out any of their past hunts or other cool items. ^^