Sunday, January 10, 2010

You can't have Mr. Tentacle without Cephalopods!

As most know, I love many things like...noms, cute stuffs, japanese stuffs, andddd cephalopods! And the leading creature who has such tentacles are cephalopods. So thus Mr. Tentacle is Heart! What I did not know what that they had a lucky board with a gag tentacle. XD You can win it in 3 different colors and it's trans! (You know it'd be a great gift for the people you either really love, or want to shut up, or both! XD)

But don't just watch the board here, they have some cute things for sale. You have the dollarbies which are a logo shirt, and some lollipop noms!

Also for those into cheapies they have a cute pet tentacle in a jar, and some face tentacles. Day of the Tentacle's got nothing on this shop! XD


Mako Kungfu said...

Great post! Thanks for stopping by MrT, so glad you enjoyed the place :D