Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pacific Sunrise Goodies

Thankies to my friends Lalinda and Riana for pointing out this awesome shop. Hehe been on a bit of a mermaid kick and my friends seem to find some awesome locations if you want a step into that fun. ^^

But none of the less there's an item camp available near the lucky chairs at Pacific Sunrise, most of the items camps are 180 mins but sometimes it's easier to get what you want that way.

Also there's a sale going on for a very limited time, 45% off everything at Pacific Sunrise - which is a lot! There's even Naga stuff and other fantasy type purchaseables available if you're not into Mermaids, but I have to admit they have some of the most unique mer-items around the grid. (I ended up purchasing one of their octo-mers which has been a blast!)

But none the less onto the chair. It changes every 10 mins with wildcards and I don't think the blog could handle me uploading all the pics. XD (well it could but meh XD) and you can find a free mermaid AO and MM nearby too. Anyway, goodluck! ^^