Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Over-using the word NEW

When The Lab initiated the new naming scheme it added new outfits for new residents. You can find them in the Inventory > Library > Clothing > Initial Outfits. One is pictured above. It is the new Female Action Outfit. They also have Cyborg, Average, Cosplay, and other new ones. Really new, huh?

On a related note: The shopping mall and getting aquainted area that new players visited after their orientation are gone. Now you click on a board with four graphics, one for shopping, one for meeting people, one for exploring, and one for getting help. I clicked the latter and was teleported to an empty private residential region at a spot well away from the intended coordinates. It seems my new alt's home spot is the corner of this sim, too. Earlier experimentation showed that each click produced random selections. I highly recommend that all new players visit the Oxbridge University Gateway (SLurl below).