Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wiley Publishing Freebs

Join the Wiley Publishing group, click a couple signs, and you'll have a slew of animations, textures (two of which are No Copy/No Mod), scripts, and sounds. Member or not, you can also get a free Web Display kit, coffee, and a couple jackets (one for Tinies). Interestingly, there is no group joiner. Search for Wiley Publishing.

FYI: Wiley publishes the "... for Dummies" books, and software manuals. A couple signs indicate they are hiring so maybe you can get a free RL job! The build is cool, too, so it is a fun place to visit. Looks like it was made by the industrial architects associated with Kim Anubis, The Magicians. Kim is also the founder of the Wiley Publishing group in Second Life.