Thursday, March 12, 2009

Can has U Feeshz (7Seas Fishiversary)

So as most of you may know the 7Seas Fishiversary has begun! 1 year of an amazing game that has taken SL by storm. As many know I am a huge fan of this game due to my luv of teh feeshz. Pretty much when you arrive, head for teh caek (no the cake is not a lie! - it's not)

So once ya head there, get some sweet celebratory goodies on the island. And then head for the part where it says rez a boat. Best thing is that the boat has a server so you can fish while you explore the different places.

There are many goodies around the different islands and even items camps and lucky chairs and prize givers. So much stuff it's almost too much stand. XD It's only for this weekend so I highly recommend checking it out. Oh and just a reminder, you know it's gonna be filled and lagged and since you're fishing a really good tip is just pop on that simple bikini to help keep things better and still look neat. ^^

(Warning the sim is almost constantly filled, try having the slurl show on map and tp into the sim next door and fly over. ^^)

Now for some random pics of some of the islands I really liked. XD