Monday, March 9, 2009

Customer Service (*LPP*)

Most Kitties should be familiar with LPP (SLurl) from the Creators Stamp Rally (CSR) in 2008 or from just shopping there. The shop is well-known for unusual goodies of exceptional quality, such as steam punk robotic body parts and cyber doll fetish items. I'm happy to report that LPP is also tops in customer service. Lucky Kitty Shilo Darkfold worked with LPP owner Aoimizuno Meili to get a copy/mod/no trans version as a present after hearing that I wished the one I had purchased last year was modifiable for adding sub-collar scripts. Aoimizuno was quick and very nice. LPP is tops in my book and will be a first-stop shop for gifts and goodies from now on.

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