Friday, August 6, 2010

***JK*** Limited Lucky Board

"Hello everyone:)A lucky board is held by the 2day limitation.It is possible to participate in general :)

But it is ** JK** original lucky board this time.(a very difficult lucky board)
(Japan time 8/6 23:00 - 8/8 23:00END)
(PDT 8/6 AM 7:00 - 8/8 AM 7:00END) "

Two kimonos can be won from this board, a male and female one. The lucky board will go away soon but is tricky, I will try to explain. If you click the lucky board when it is not your letter it will Ban you from clicking it for the next 30 mins. If someone clicks the lucky board and wins, it self-destructs and will not be clickable for the next 5 mins. The board itself changes every 61 mins. This board also changes to single numbers as well. Goodluck, I know you'll need it. ^^;


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