Monday, August 23, 2010

MM Run Time!

Just a couple MMs to check out, especially since I haven't blogged any in awhile. ^^ Goodluck and thanks for helping.

Weird (But Neat!) Snorkle Bunny Avatar and Dana Blue Gown at Grim Bros. (lucky board nearby here and many goodies too)

Sage Naruto Full Cosplay set at Bushido (which has a closing sale and a neat chair too)

Pink Fairy Outfit from Sweet Poison (you can also get this from the profile pics)

Group MM for Triton's Daughter Mermaid Set Arista (also lots of goodies and sale going on here)

Group MM for Undefined Outfit and Normal MM for Splatter Elf Outfit (chairs near the store entrance)

Barbara in Pewter from Nefarious (also chairs nearby too)

Gor Gets Jumpy 2 Outfit from Gorgirls (also chairs nearby)

Wynx Faerie Pony Follower (lucky board nearby)

Sculpted Stegosarus from Neon Frog

Romantic Dinner for 2 Set at Aphrodite

Group MM for an Alcoholic Beverage Fat Pack and Trans at Aphrodite

Group MM for Older Style Alcoholic Beverage Box at Aphrodite

Shuttle Bug Vehicle at Sooden's Sculpties

Bubble Guppy Mermaid Fatpack (item camps, lucky boards, and many goodies available nearby)