Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ferd's Freebies

Ferd's has a TON of freebies from avatars, to vehicles, to translators, to signs, to follower and rideable pets, to .... oh, my there are just so many things. You must see this place, even if you don't take the freebies. The reason I went there is to try the free Text-to-Speech gadget that lets others hear what I type in SL. I wear a HUD, open a special Flash-enabled Web page, and anything I type in SL is voiced on the Web. By itself, not much, but I can give that URL to others and they can hear me as if I was on Voice. WOW. Finally, us mute Residents can be heard! Often I'm at an party or large event and folks just stop watching chat. Its like I'm not there. This is sooooo cool. Anyway, lots of freebie things there so head on over.