Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mermaid Freebies

Head on over to Haven of Mermaids for free mer gestures and free prim hand webs (so you can swim faster ... nuffin' to do wif butt swats). There is a Lucky Chair loaded with mertails in eight different colors (so that is eight different tails). Two minute timer. Maybe. It sat on "2" for a very long time. Far longer than two minutes. I didn't actually time it, preferring subjective "a watched pot never boils" measurement. The original prims have been shifted about and the number prim seems crooked so there could be an issue. The point is, though, that a Lucky Chair is here and you will need to wait some period of time for it to change the letter (unless someone claims the prize, which is another bucket of worms, but I don't want bait jokes here, so I'm moving on) and there are prizes inside which you can win. Don't ask about Wildcards. I didn't want to spent enough time there to find out but what are the odds Wildcards aren't used? And what does it say about your attitude if you assume they don't? Look on the sunny side of life for once, will ya? I mean its free, for Triton's sake! Just buck up and at least take a look, huh?