Monday, April 6, 2009

Felis OMFG GO! Very Limited Time!

So this is the new modelled Serenity Semple talking to you! (Yes moving mouth on a furry head WITHOUT the extra jaw attachment!)

So Curious Inc. is giving away a free white Felis av, many have been wishing for this and the fact it's free for possibly only today is something not to miss out on!

Here is a video of said av and it's just lovely!

This is for a limited time if not today only! So make sure if you want this really pretty kitty av for free that you rush your bums down to Curious Inc. and hunt out a goldenish box! Get close and click it to recieve, comes with a male and female shape. And just ohhh! <3>

Click Here to TP to Curious Inc.! (Warning Sim is constantly filling)


Nat Donat said...

Sim is filling. Haha sim is never empty. 35 avies total in sim. NO ONE can enter! Totally sucks in MHO.