Tuesday, April 14, 2009

If you knew sushi.....

Like I know sushi.. oh oh oh what a girl.. I am of course speaking about Sanura Sakai creator and owner of Sanu. Late night fun was the order of the night when she sent out a message in the Sanu group. Need a few of you to come and get shot...but you won't die! Hmm intriguing so myself and many others rallied to the cry.

Sanu is putting out a line of sushi guns and items and wanted testers for the guns, she distributed several models and I received the sushi bar which shoots all the varieties offered! While we got the tiny sushi pieces, Sanu herself brought out the big gun...the giant pieces were from her gun and at one point we were all buried underneath the sushi goodness.

A good time was had by all, bravo Sanura for bringing laughter and sushi to the masses! Thanks to Gilly for sending me the pictures since I was too busy strafing everyone with sushi to remember to take any!

The above is our brave photographer taking a much needed rest after the melee.

Can't wait till Sanu puts these out! Fear the sushi goodness..muaaaahhhaaa



ps no sushi were hurt in the battle