Thursday, June 25, 2009

Discover Outer Space

My brother was looking at the map one day to see what was around our newish mainland home and he found a region not connected to any other land but looking like it still belonged with the mainland so he teleported over and spent the next several hours playing. He had found the Mos Ainsley Spaceport, a Linden region with no clear purpose. It looks like the Moles (the Lab's construction critters) built it for fun. You can have fun, too, by getting into the spirit with a free space suit and set of coveralls from the round thing on the wall (SLurl). Then look around and click everything. That is how I found the clothes when I visited. One of the buttons in another room rezzes a shuttle you can fly around.


Nat Donat said...

That Spaceport rocks. Found a hydroponics lab growing tomatoes and other stuff. Took a pic there before donning space suit. After putting on space suit I entered the airlock and pressurized and then open the outer door and and went outside. Neat place to explore. Couldn't figure out how to include the pics I took :(