Sunday, June 21, 2009

SL6B Freebies Preview

While working on the Isle of Lesbos exhibit for the Second Life 6th Birthday (SL6B) I'd occasionally take a break to check out some other builds. There's a lot of really cool stuff there from interactive displays, to games, to some great builds. But if you just want freebies, there are plenty for you to grab. The pic shows me at home flying one of the four free kites I found at the Future of SL Citizenship exhibit (SLurl). This is a fabulously animated toy and since I hate just standing around it gives my avie something fun to do. By the way, feel free to visit my place pictured above (SLurl). No freebies, but it's a nice place to relax.

Another great item is Jopsy's "SL6B Data Cruiser v1.1" from The Particle Laboratory (SLurl). It would remind you of an elegant manta ray that you can ride on, but it is a Matrix-display-like "data stream". Well, you have to see it. And then you have to ride it. Very cool. The UFO at the back, opposite the Cruiser is pretty cool, too, and also free. But just getting from the ground to where you can get the freebies is fun, too. One of the better builds at SL6B.

The Designer Showcase Network (SLurl) has an awesome live planetarium/globe that displays a map of Second Life® as if it was a starscape. Babel Translations (SLurl) promotes it's top-rated language translation services with a free Language Kiosk, a note-giving gadget you've probably seen in many popular stores.

You have to wait until the exhibits open to the public on the 23rd, but please make Lesbos@SL6B (SLurl) one of your first stops. I worked my bum off to build it and gave exhibit helper Randi a special gift for visitors.