Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lucky Chair Updates

The Crimson Shadow Lucky Chair (SLurl) has a new prize simply called Coat, but as you can see in the picture it is more than that. A cross chest tattoo is included as are shorts and a spiked collar (not shown). The boots are extra (these are the Ana thigh-highs) but many different styles would work well with this outfit. Time between letters is 20 minutes but there is usually a crowd because everyone knows that CS stuff is great.

Bare Rose has a new location for it's Lucky Chairs (SLurl) and you'll find a Lucky Fortunes there, too. A variety of prizes is available now, including a rather cute handbag, shoes, clothes for men and women, and more. Times vary in the five chairs, some as quick at two minutes! The setting is scenic and a building near by has some nice, affordable skins.

The PoP Dept. Store (yes, a shameless advert, I know) has upgraded their Lucky Cupcake to a Lucky Chair (SLurl) and to celebrate the prize is a Bamboo Bar set, a nice compliment to any tropical beach or club. Twenty minute timer but it is already proving popular so odds are someone is there to bump it. Lucky Tribe members also get 25 Kudos.