Sunday, February 22, 2009

Avatar Rendering Costs and how to view what your's is !

Firstly need to have your advanced menu available at the top of your screen if you do not, then do the following:

Hold down your control, ALT, Shift and D key now Advanced will appear on your top toolbar.

Go to Advanced, then in the list that apears choose Rendering , then from that list choose Info Displays , then choose

Avatar Rendering Cost.

This number is how hard the server has to work to render your avatar. The higher the number the harder it has to work.

Higher numbers can cause teleport problems, loading problems etc.

To reduce it, remove prims. To turn off ARC just uncheck it.

Hope this helps *hugs* Cat


Shawn said...

Another good thing to keep in mind ...

Yes, the ARC display helps to show you how much demand you're putting on the server by the number of prims you're wearing, but did you know that simply displaying the ARC has a rendering cost as well? Running around with the display turned on just to see how high everyone else is will just slow everyone down, including you...

Simply put - check your ARC, take off some prims to a reasonable number, then turn off the ARC display. You'll have a much nicer experience (read: less lag on hunts =D) and everyone around you will too!
Have fun! XD

Cata said...

good point Merrick! I have to admit I've been guilty of doing just that *blushes* but mostly I "check myself" before going out to hunt.

Talwyn Mills said...

ARC is quite frankly a load of bunkum. When adding a couple of transparent prims can send your ARC from 100's to multiple 10,000's its abvious that its about as usefull and a chocolate teapot.

I've seen people with 50k plus ARC that my nVidia 9800GTX shows smoothly while paning around, and people with sub-1000 ARCs that cause stuttering so bad you'd think I was using a GeForce 1.