Saturday, February 28, 2009

Lucky Kitty Crew Review

Just wanted to make a post that I've been putting off for a bit (since I've been busy trying to respond to what occurred recently) but I finally think it's time for the post.

Many people have been very supportive of past issues going on within the crew. As those within it may have known I was facing harassment through certain members in the group. It got vile enough as to those I considered as friends were calling me things like a 'nazi' or 'dictator' because I tried to enforce rules and keep things civil in chat.

Part of me pities that people could not be mature enough to respect that some groups (especially when they size up) need some rules to keep things orderly. I tried to have officers to help enforce what I could not but for some people that really wasn't enough.

So I made a tough decision and one that I am trying to sort out through this day. I removed almost every member except those who I considered friends or were on my friends list and now have kept LKC a more private group.

Working your butt off to get yer tail stepped on can be so tiring after awhile, so I felt this was the best action to go on to calm the fires that were occurring. Was it the right thing to do? Hard to say. But I keep trying to plan out a way to repair the crew - now granted this may not be able to be done and if so the group will remain private or maybe down the line I will close it all together.

I know I would appreciate feedback on this post (please keep it productive and not fling insults, that's really just childish). But I wanted to at least say thank you to all the support I have been receiving and sorry for things coming to this point. ^^; Hope to be posting more often.

P.S - Love Soul chair added the cute new noodles set to it and I can never win these darn secret prizes!
- Love Soul can be Found HERE -


Kira McCallen said...

I think it was a necessary action given the circumstances. People are still free to read the blog to get the best tips we have to offer.

I kinda like it smaller, personally.

Anonymous said...

People should not expect you to shoulder the blame for things they did. You did the best you could do. And I think you made the right decision. If you compare then to now, it is much better in chat.

Oh and those secret prizes at Love Soul, yeah I'll never have them, ha ha. I could stand there for hours and it won't go to L. The L's come out when Litzi's not on :p


Uccie Poultry said...
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Uccie Poultry said...

Given the rules, the personalities, and the behavior, a membership cull was inevitable. The nature of he Crew is now vastly different and I hope that it is more like what Serenity envisions. As I repeatedly said to all, including the griefers that have attacked me, the LKC is Serenity's group. If you don't like it, leave and start your own.

My personal loyalty is to the LKC because I value Serenity's friendship. My primary role in the group has always been to help her achieve her goals, but as a merchant and promoter, I will miss having ready access to some 1500 people. It will be easy to have an alt join the larger groups but I don't plan to be active in them.

Interestingly, since the shake up, members of other freebies/shopping groups have sought me out offering help to promote the malls and shops with which I am associated. Yet there are members of our group that refuse to talk to me or come to the hunts I create (good thing I'm a hidden figure behind some other hunts and similar activites in SL).

Going forward, I wish Serenity and all the Kitties as much luck as they need and deserve. If I drift away from you, as somehow I feel I will, it is now and has been my pleasure to be associated with the Crew. ::::thrusts her paws in the air and shouts L-K-C!::::

Cata said...

Traumatic as it was when it all occurred you have the right to a peaceful existence in SL. The group dynamics are a bit different now..definitely quieter but just as friendly and helpful and much calmer. I see people talking now that rarely spoke before which is really nice! *hugs* Cat

Serenity Semple said...

Thank you all for the feedback, I really appreciate the comments. ^^

Casia / JessStarr said...

Hey Serenity, I have absolutely no idea what drama went down but I do want to say thanks for the awesome tips and finds that you shared while I was in the group!

I totally agree with Uccello that it is ultimately YOUR group and I don't think that you should feel bad at all for making it the group that you want it to be!

Thanks again and I'll see you around the grid :D

Alexiel Magnolia said...

As Uccello said, the LKC is your group. It's your right to make the rules, and to choose who stays and who goes. We as members have to remember (and I think many people involved in the drama forgot) that we're just guests playing on your turf. Your space, your word is law. In RL, I'm constantly having to remind member of the anime club of this fact :/

Being in the LKC is not a right, it's a privilege (and an awesome one at that~)

Alexiel Magnolia said...

btw, if you need any extra bloggers, I'd love to help :3