Monday, February 2, 2009

Tide of Paperwork

Sure, the working conditions are pretty good (I mean, how many people can float around in a warm ocean while working?), but trying to keep up with Group paperwork isn't always fun. Between working membership rolls for several groups, notices posted from those groups and more, and the unending IMs on all manner of topics from more people than I personally know, my Instant Messages often cap a couple times a day. When I can I just leave my avie logged in to catch all the messages. I'm sure many of you are in a similar boat. Imagine poor Serenkitty's inboxes!

Please! When contacting me or other LKC officers, please send note cards. I leave my LL-created Note Card folder empty (having moved all the cards I keep to another folder) just so I can see new ones. I'm sure I'll still find the need to float around while digging through logs and e-mail boxes to find missed messages, but hopefully I can cut back on this use of my time.

Thanks for your help! Now if I can get a ban on "blind" offers to rent in other people's malls ...

(Like the 'kini? It's from Nanogunk (SLurl) and was free at one time. The shop has some other nice freebies, too.)