Saturday, February 7, 2009

Isle of Lesbos 2009 Valentine's hunt!

The Isle of Lesbos 2009 Valentine's Hunt starts February 7th and ends early on the 15th. A quick hunt but well worth it.

Each region has seven hidden hearts. When you find one, click it and say I Love You (just like that .... no punctuation, each word capitalized) to get your prize. The Oasis of Lesbos has some extra hearts hidden by the merchants inside their stores so there is more than seven to find (how many? hmmmm. I don't know. Still waiting to hear from the merchants, but at least two.)

Oh ... sometimes the hearts move. Must be gravity or something. If any male wants the prizes from the Women Only region, contact me! Please respect our preferences and you might even get some erotic art for men!

♥ The Bay of Lesbos (SLurl) Bikinis & water toys.
♥ The Isle of Lesbos (Women Only here; SLurl) Special shirts & party gear!
♥ The Isle of Lesbos Mall (SLurl) Jewelry & a custom structure!
♥ The Oasis of Lesbos (SLurl) Bikinis, jewelry, & more!

In the Oasis, look for the extra hearts in these stores:

♥ Ayiki (Skins & Shapes; SLurl)
♥ Los Texanos (SLurl)
♥ Raindance (SLurl)

Does your store or mall have a prize hunt? Drop a note card with details in-world (or reply to this post) and you can get some free publicity.