Saturday, October 24, 2009

Asakusa 108 Halloween Hunt

Asakusa 108 is having a hunt for halloween! First you'll want to start off at the beginning and get your HUD from the black sign with example.

Pretty much you're first hunting out 15 little candies.

Then once you find those hunt out 15 pumpkins, and click them to get a visit from the Pumpkin King. He will take your candy offering and give you a key in return.

Those 15 keys? Go to those 15 chests you saw at the beginning for 15 various prizes. The hunt takes part on the Asakusa 108 sim and the Downtown 108 sim next to it, goodluck! ^^

So the prizes hnn...

Ichigo-Ya's prize is a Pink Kimono

Another Prize is a small japanese build

FP has a sofa set prize with special pudding chairs

Poporu's prize is some purple fairy wings with small particle effect

Hanashigure has a prize of necklace with 3 sets of halloween fans (with particle

108 Dragons prize is a happy halloween candle tip jar

Shop VAS has a halloween toadstool chair

Poporin Cafe's prize is a pumpkin and matching fabric stool

Honey Spoon's prize is ice cocoa, halloween style with spoon

Random Kitten's (one of my faves) is a halloween cart you can drag behind ya. ^^

Kokoro's prize is cute halloween accessories

Yuriwakemade's prize is a halloween panda tiny avatar

Mocha & Sakura's prize is a halloween witch outfit

There's also a creepy doll avatar with kimono from Naminoke and a thong set for guys and girls from *FG* but I didn't feel like blogging it. XD Ya guys get the idea


Emilly Orr said...

This hunt is driving me spare. I have been hunting for two days, and I have only found two candies. TWO. In TWO DAYS.

I only want one prize!