Wednesday, October 28, 2009

OtakuDzNs Lucky Chair o'Awesome

Many people may not know about OtakuDzNs, it's a one shop location but to the fans of anime/manga it knows how to drag you in. XD But mostly this post is about the lucky chair that the owner has set out and spoiled people with. It contains almost a copy of everything he sells! Now I have to admit I've been stalkin this chair for awhile and sometimes it can be hard to get what you're after but it does change every 20 mins and has many wildcards. So just hang in there (or hang out with me as I'm desperate for that VK Day Class Male Uniform XD)

These are some of the prizes you can get. ^^

Female Outfits

Male Outfits

Hair, Shoes, and Accessories

Female Skins (Censor Bars Added to Avoid Nudity)

Male Skins (Censor Bars Added to Avoid Nudity)



They're all no trans but it's nice to see the mix up of male and female items. Also if you get tired of watching the chair the items are always for sale up on the wall. ^^