Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Loco Pocos Halloween 2009

How lucky am I? Lucky enough to be invited to a press preview for the Loco Pocos Halloween 2009 Trick or Treat game. Just like last year's game (as blogged here), you grab a customizable pumpkin after teleporting to a creepy, dark neighborhood and go from door to door, "knocking" in hopes to get a gift.

Sometimes when you knock you get a trick not a treat, even though the door asks your preference. You can be blasted with fire, as seen here, attacked by a ghost, or crushed to death. A couple new tricks await you this year but I don't want to spoil the surprise. Just be ready for anything, including lots of candy that you can nom at or give away if you get duplicates. Other prizes like an arrow-through-the head are given out, too.

And if you are given a special key, you can win a new avie! Teagan Blackthorne, pictured here, on the left, won while I was there and quickly added hair, a dress, and some shoes to this adorable piggy. She and I both found that sometimes you have to click on a door two or three times before it is "knocked." It isn't a problem, really, and I thought it was just my mouse until she mentioned it.

During my 30-minute run I got a lot of candy and helped snag some bugs in the build, pointing them out to the ghostly owner, Damien Fate, and trying to steal candy from his pumpkin. Damien worked very, very hard on this, like all his projects, and if you see him floating around, be sure to give him a hug.

Though I didn't win the prize avie, I think I looked pretty sportin' in my demon avie, one of several recently released spooky new ones (read more about them here). They are L$350 each with another L$100 each for the leather jacket and leather pants I added. You can buy them in the store or in the Trick or Treat village as you see here.

The game opens at Midnight SLT on the 7th. Read more about it here or go to Loco Pocos Island and use the teleport there to start.