Sunday, October 18, 2009

ST-ROOMS Halloween Quest

I can't express how much I enjoy these halloween adventures the japanese are putting out. This one is a little more complicated than the past ones but still fun. First click the rotating box by the entrance and recieve your gear that you will need to wear to do this hunt. ^^

Then you will need to hunt out 12 little ghosts hidden around ST-ROOMs Mall, there are many goodies for sale here too while you hunt. Click them to register you found them on your HUD.

Once you have found all 12 make your way to the stairs in the back leading to the 2nd floor, if the door says occupied do not click it! It means someone else is there. But once you do...

You will need to fight the boss! You need to hit him 10 times with your staff that you were given at the beginning. Once you do a door will appear that you click to go to the treasure room.

Once at the treasure room, there's so much good stuff to be had! Goodluck! ^^