Saturday, October 10, 2009

*Sanu's Halloween Hunt

My good buddy Sanu ish having a hunt of awesome proportions! Make sure not to miss out! Following info is from her group. ^^

Its time for something special: A Sanu Trick or Treat! This event will run from the 10th of October through to the 5th of November. This is not a story quest - you may collect the prizes in whatever order you desire.
Long story short: Prance around Sanu and just touch the candy - if you're lucky, it will be a treat, but if you're not, you might just recieve a wicked tricking! You might be tempted to not click the ones that contain tricks, but I swear, they're just as fun as the treats are! If you're up for the challenge, try to find all the ways you can be tricked as well as treated.

Please note, some of the candies you are hunting for are not so large! But with a bit of looking around, you will find them. Please don't yell out locations - I want people to be able to enjoy finding them themselves. If you need to tell a friend, please do so in IM so that other people don't get the surprises spoiled for them.
There are 30 candies in total - 12 of them contain tasty treats, while a further 18 contain only tricks. You will not be charged a single dime for the tricks, but the treats will set you back a whole linden each. What do they contain? When you've collected them all, you will have recieved 2 full candy-corn accessories packs (including shoes, wings, witches hats and candy-corn cauldrons that really drop candy-corn!), 3 different types of mouth candy-corn and 4 little candy pumpkins!
f you enjoy the event, enjoy the prizes and would like to show your appreciation, there are tip jars located in several areas around Sanu area - no pressure, mind you!