Saturday, October 17, 2009

Planet of Datura Jewel Hunt

One of the lesser known hunts that started today was Planet of Datura's Jewel Hunt. This is pretty complicated so I will try to explain as basic as I can (plus I've never blogged hunts before so hang in there XD) Also this hunt ends on Oct. 24th.

If you wish to click the poster you can get a story about this poor young guy in love with a rich girl, but due to his family being poor he cannot marry or be with her. So while working one day he comes across this fairy statue who explains that she is cursed. To free her of the curse he must find these black gems around the sim and return them to her. Only when she is not cursed and in her true form she can grant him his wish of love.

Now the gems are medium sized which is fair but they can be tough to see. For an example I took a pic of them in midday and midnight settings, so you can see.

I personally found that tough to see but certain people enjoy a challenge so have at! But if you wish to make things a little easier I suggest turning on beacons (View->Beacons or Ctrl Alt Shift N). And they will look like this as well as you can follow the green highlights since they are physical objects which increases your chances greatly. This may not work for everyone because it can get overwhelming but it helped me.

Now there are multiple gems around the sim, like in Magic of Oz hunts, they will disappear once they are clicked but they que themselves to you. So you can continue hunting and not worry about much. Only problem I found with this is that it takes time for them rez, if there's others hunting or you found all the ones you can - you may find yourself waiting around for more to randomly drop down.

Once you have a couple or even one gem you go to the fairy statue by the woods to turn them in. Click her body and a blue drop down menu will appear. On the top it will tell you have many gems you have, for the clickable buttons it gives you the option of how many you want to turn in to the fairy.

Now each # that you turn in will give you a various prize, it's not certain but sometimes there's 3 per option sometimes less. Below I will show you some of the prizes I got from doing the hunt, but this took me hours and I'm still missing about 15 prizes or so....

Hanging Tree, comes with 3 hanging animations

Syokeidei, pretty much a hanging set up that says Welcome to Hell on the banner

Lamp Tree

Neckress, pardon the engrish but it means pretty much neckless or headless. Your head isn't gone it's just dangling in the back XD

Witchs Broon, or witches broom.

Black Gem, a copy for yourself pretty much.

Pumpkin Lantern

Weather Pack, which comes with various weather controllers and fog machine

Goddes, your own version of the goddess

Guillotine, hopefully people know what that is. :3

HorrowAV, which is pretty much a ghost av.

URUOI Candy, just a candy to nom.

Big Candy Pot


Now these are just some of the prizes in total there are 28, some of the other prizes are Hone Maguro, Black Cat Bikini, Cake Girl Black, Cake Girl Red, Cloak Mint Green, Cloak Red, Cloak White, Orange Bikini, Orange Boots, Red Cat Bikini, White Boots, Angry Skull, BatAV, and PhantomAV - which I have no idea what they look like. XD