Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chigasaki Halloween Hunt

Quick explanation about the Halloween Hunt going on at Chigasaki sim. First head to the starting location and from there you can get your information and start HUD. You must attach the HUD to be able to pick up the candies and complete the hunt.

The candies look like this, you can get hints from the pumpkins but they are in japanese. The candies may be tricky to find but they are touch so beacons may help. You need to get 2 candies from each store - La Mer Et Ailes, Cover Girl, le Reve du Crie(same store as Crie Style), Crie Style, Septem(same store as Cover Girl), and La Petite Fleur.

Once you click one a stamp will appear on your HUD. Get all 8 and find the turn in point. Sit on the magic circle and say [ Trick or treat! ].

Once you do so you will have an adorable magical girl scene begin and recieve your prizes. ^^

Sweet Girl Dress (comes with a lot of attachments) from Cover Girl

Jack Tiny, a little bunny from La Mer Et Ailes

A halloween monocle from Crie Style

A 3 texture change shoulder bag from Septem

Hexentanz outfit from ::le Reve du Crie::

An outfit with various options and tattoos from La Petite Fleur

2 mufflers from Septem

And a witch outfit with wand and broom from La Petite Fleur

Happy Hunting! ^^