Thursday, October 9, 2008

Loco Pocos Halloween

If you haven't been to Loco Pocos (SLurl) for the Halloween hunt yet, I gotta ask Why Not? This is lots of fun and you can win a L$350-value avatar (two actually ... one male one female ... both ferrets, I'm told) as well as take home a pumpkin-load of candy! So when you arrive, look for the ghostly pumpkin and click on it to be taken to the hunt.

When you arrive there are some very good pictograph signs telling you what to do. One of the signs directs you to change your Environment Settings to Midnight. That really enhances the experience and since you are not looking for tiny thing you don't need the bright midday sun. And turn the volume up. The sound effects are cool.

So 'wear' the pumpkin you are given and head down the street. As you get candy the pumpkin will fill up! Really fun to watch. If you knock on doors where "no one is home" something interesting sometimes happens, but you'll want to knock on the doors that have lighted windows with them. These are the "game" doors.

After you knock on a door you are given a choice Trick or Treat. Click either one, it doesn't matter which one. After a three-second count down you will get some candy, a special toy, or a key to a chest that gives out the avatar prize. Or you'll get a trick! Different things happen if you don't get the candy and when the effect stops you can try the door again. Click either Trick or Treat, again it doesn't matter which one.

Take all the candy you want. It is transferable and makes a nice little gift. The non-food prizes are not transferable. This picture shows me with pumpkin full of candy, a Candy Corn Ice Lolly in my mouth, and the hint of a Candy Corn Backpack in front of a door rewarding me with something other than candy.

The path takes you on a loop shaped like a backwards letter P and you can go around as many times as you want. My alt got 1/3 of the way through before winning a key to get the avatar. My main avatar spent a few hours in the little village and got only cavities from all the candy.

Here is the avie called Freida (the male is Freddy) in all her glory ... naked. Clothes are L$100 per item with accessories starting L$100. If you look in the tiny camp hut before you go into the main store you can get a free Baby Monitor that looks more or less like a mobile phone.