Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Pink Fuel Lucky Chair

First of all I LOVE Pink Fuel! You can check our their new lucky chair at this new location.

As you can see their default is kinda small but they have a size modify script in them and also a notecard that helps explain that. Also in this sweet set it comes with a plushie one to hugg, one that attachs to the head, arm, leg, and shoulder. I'm wearing the leg attachment one. ^^

The sculpties on this little cutie are amazing, he also blinks! ^^

Also those who's first time it'll be at Pink Fuel they have some dollarbie highlights. Even though I can't wear these because of the wings I wear there are these adorable chibi wing tattoos you can get from their gatchapon (think 25 cent machine toy machines), it's a dollarbie per random color but so cute!

Another cool thing to match with their adorable skully backpack is the dollarbie shirt to match. Sucha cute backpack, I hope to see more of her wonderful creations soon!


Uccello Poultry said...

Poor kitty. Made me sad to win this li'l guy.