Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Violet Volitaire's Lucky Chair & Creepiness!

So the moment I heard Violet released a new set for sale I couldn't help myself! I rushed off and picked up the Halloween Trick or Treat jewelry set for L$200! ^^ There are other really nice sets too but I'm all about those little candy corns on that cupcake there for the orange set!

If you didn't know there's also a really adorable pumpkin crown for L$50 upstairs too. (I still need to pick that up...jeez I'm slow XD)

But the really sweet treat that made my eyes go wide was the new halloween lollipop guild set in the chair! I'm still hopin to win!!

So yeah still waitin and Kretchy came by to keep me company and there's also many others watchin this chair too. If you're wondering about this adorable outfit I'm wearing you can win it at BareRose for free from their lucky chair or lucky fortune machine. ^^

Click HERE to teleport to Violet Volitaire's Shop & Lucky Chair!

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Violet Voltaire said...

Yay Candy Corns! *hoardes them all*