Saturday, October 18, 2008

1000 in the Crew & A Gift For You!

So today we finally hit 1000 crew members, I am so happy about this that this totally deserves a post. BUT!! Just when I thought that it couldn't get better then this - BAM!

What's this you ask?! It's amazing! It's wonderful! Too bad it doesn't slice and dice! It's the Lucky Kitty Crew group gift giver, you click it with yer tag active to get an amazing broom by Mixed Nuts & TorTec. As Sandie Bing (Mixed Nuts owner) wears it proudly.

So what does it do? Well this is directly copy/pasted from the notecard it comes with to give you an idea.

Q. Features? What's it got ?
A. 1. Trailing magic dust particles when on the move
2. Dual animation states, one for on the move, other for chillin

Q. Anything else? What defines this as being a smexy Kitty Crew speciality?
A. This is a Pro-Kitty sisterhood broom, united and proud.
The broom contains a custom greeting script, when a fellow kitty TPs nearby other kitties in the area will greet the new commer with a custom kitty animation and sound kindly donated by Polomi Oh of OSU Gestures
This greeting can be turned on/off by clicking the broom and using the drop down menu.

So run! Don't walk to Mixed Nuts and TorTec (It's on Mixed Nuts floor though so need to go upstairs) And a wonderful warm thank you from my heart to all you crew for all your support. ^^

Click HERE to teleport to Mixed Nuts/TorTec and the Lucky Kitty Crew Group Gift!


Kira McCallen said...

This is Totally Amazing!!!!!!

Just, wait till we're over 9000! LOL