Sunday, October 12, 2008

Midnight Mania!

Freaking awesome new Shep Korvin product out there, Midnight Mania! You just have to touch the board before Midnight, and then Hustle all your friends in to touch the board too! If you reach the required number of people, you ALL win the gift at Midnight.

Here is a list of known Midnight Mania boards:
Angel's Designs - Happy Halloween outfit
Design Inc - Design Inc Modern Chaise (pink)
Eolande's - Blue India Bangle Bracelets
Fnordian Furniture & Magic Items - Fnordian Magickal Crown
LapGirl Boutique - Purple Blossom Lingerie set
LowPrim High Style - Candles Set
Lucky Designs - Pink Gingham Bikini from LapGirl
LVS&Co - Special Midnight Halloween Dollie
RIPPED!!! - Feather Slut Silks
Serina Lacava Collection - (3 prizes) SLC hot sexy girl red, SLC Anastasia girl, and SLC Shirt & Pullunder Olli boy
S&M Designs - Rhapsody in Aquamarine

This Post is a Work-In-Progress. Let me know if you found another one, because I'll add it to the list.

-Kira McCallen


Lileigh said...

Midnight Mania is my new passion! I love getting all the goodies at midnight! Easy and fun way to get lots of free stuff!

Thanks Kira and crew for your hard work getting the list together and keeping it updated!