Friday, October 10, 2008

Neko Dollarbie

Thanks, Midori, for finding this great Dollarbie! Neko hair, skin, eyes, ears, tail, shape, and collar at Kalon (SLurl) for L$1! The skin looks pretty 'human' in this pic, said Serenity (and I agree). I would have spent the money just for the fun of it anyway, based on the high-quality picture.

But when you put it on you'll see black/orange lipstick and a spider tatt on the cheek definitely make this a holiday skin. Heavy, smeared eyeshadow and liner complete the anatomically correct skin. The hair and kitty bits are great with orange accents.

What is really, really cool, is that the set is packaged in a Halloween "snow globe" ... cool! Move all the contents to your inventory but leave the ghost texture and particle script inside and you have a great holiday decoration! This alone is worth the money. More, actually!