Saturday, October 11, 2008

TinkFairy Shop - Freebies and Cheapies!

Serensei gave group notice credit to Kretch Slade on this find.

Welcome to TinkFairy!

When I arrived I was greeted by two panda bears who give out gifts when touched.

Snapshot_001, originally uploaded by Kira McCallen.
There are two freebie boxes inside the store, "Touch" them to receive a really nice freebie gift. I thought I was all done after I had clicked the two boxes, and bought a couple nice cheap things. But then I ran into the store owner, Tinkfairy Greenwood, who helpfully let me know that I didn't get all the freebies! (Isn't she cute?)
Snapshot_003, originally uploaded by Kira McCallen.
The boxes are scripted to give out 1 of 3 gifts randomly. You'll have to click more than 1 time to get all three out of the pink box.

And all three out of the blue box.

Ohh, and there's these fabulous clothes.

Really nice Argyle Sweater, only... wait does that say L$12 ????


-Kira McCallen

Kira is Wearing:
Skin - TinkFairy Natural Skin Pink (Not free)
Hair - Kin Naoki in White (Not Free, but I'm addicted, what can I say?)
Shirt - TinkFairy Knit Argyle #2 (L$12)
Pants - TinkFairy Check Pants A01 (Not sure, but it was cheap)
Belt - Gift from TinkFairy! (Free)
Shoes - Yabusaka Halloween Boots (Not Free)