Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday Violet! & Happy Halloween!

Big Happy Birthday to Violet Voltaire! A lovely lady and big supporter of teh crew, yo. Hehe, to celebrate she made this wicked Cupcake Crown - which will be a dollarbie this weekend only! Here are those wicked new Cupcake releases!

Close up on the cute cupcake crown! How can you resist!? (Don't resist, it's alright, it's made of sugar and luvluv) Plus there's also a 50% off sale on all cupcake thingies.

And because Violet is freakin awesome! She made throwable freeb cupcakes and you can OM NOM them too! :D

Hehe I actually caught a snappy of the B-Day girl while she took a rest from flingin cupcakes at me. XD Ya can already see some cute cupcake wear on her!

So rush down this weekend ASAP to get some sweet gifts and sweet sales going on! And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Violet! \o/

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Violet Voltaire said...

Awwee hehe thank you! *pelts you with cupcakes and runs off ebilly giggling*