Sunday, December 7, 2008

Another Hunt @ Lesbos!

There are ten stockings hidden on The Isle of Lesbos (SLurl; Women Only) filled with gifts for the ladies. Another ten stockings are hidden on The Isle of Lesbos Mall sim (SLurl) with gifts that men and women would enjoy. No secret phrases this time around but the stockings may not be as obvious to find as in other hunts earlier in the year (Hints: I like to put them in amusing places and sometimes move them from day-to-day, but one is always near the main landing areas). Simply click the stocking and a folder full of goodies will show in your inventory with a name starting "Isle of Lesbos Stocking" followed by odd letters and numbers (I use them for sorting the stockings).

There are no stockings hidden on Oasis of Lesbos or Bay of Lesbos sims but these places are great to visit if you have some time. Hopefully you've been looking for the wrapped presents that change content and location around the skating pond on the Isle (SLurl). If any male really wants the stuff for the ladies on this sim, please contact Uccello Poultry.