Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Extrovirtual Location

Extrovirtual has "sort of" moved (SLurl). The previous Openspace sim has been upgraded to a full sim and building it going on even as I write this. Noramyr Gullwing, owner of Flights of Fancy and dragon-breeder extraordinaire (and Deleter of Floors, it seems) said that a grand opening will be announced to the group soon. Drop in and check it out ... a really nice build.

I showed up just in time to see a very festive Wynx Whiplash in a polar bear avie. I didn't see it in the store but I hope she releases it soon. Folks love my Wynx panda and black bear avies. Her Lucky Chair is up and running with the Mad Cat Snow Cat as the current prize.

Of course, Abranimations still has a store here and I'm thinking about buying a Sky Joust dragon (L$495). Looks like a ton of fun. Or I can hint about Christmas .... :::gigglemew:::


Uccie Poultry said...

Yay! I gots da bear! Might actually have been the first one to buy, too! Wynx was just activating the vendor when I got there. L$1000 with a custom Santa hat and several scarves. Yay!